It's everyone's concern

What is family violence? - It's the mistreatment of one family member by another.
Family violence includes:

Why should I learn about family violence? - Because by learning about it, you can help solve the problem.

Family violence often goes unreported because victims often feel ashamed about what's happened or hopeless about improving their situation. Witnesses may also fail to report family violence, thinking it's "none of their business." In the meantime, family members suffer. Family violence often results in: physical injuries, emotional pain, and economic loss.

Raising awareness of family violence can help stop the suffering.
Every family member suffers from family violence.

Victims may suffer:

Abusers may experience: Society also suffers: What are the common traits of violent family members?
People who are violent often:
Family violence can happen to families of any economic or social class.

Child Abuse is the mistreatment or neglect of a child, usually by an adult, they often:
Child abuse is especially tragic because children trust adults to keep them safe.

Partner abuse is the mistreatment of one partner by another.

People who abuse their partners tend to make excuses. Often, the abuser blames an attack on some other person or situation - the partner, troubles at work, jealousy, etc. Or the abuser may say that he or she "didn't really mean it." However, there is no excuse for abuse.

Repeat the abuse. Partner abuse often happens over and over again - even though the abuser promises to stop. In many cases, the abuse gets worse.

Women are abused more often than men are.

Elder abuse is the mistreatment of a parent or older family member by a younger one.
Elder abuse includes: People who abuse elders often have histories that include: Elderly people may not report abuse because they are:

Why does family violence continue?
Both victims and abusers often feel powerless to change the situation. They often feel trapped by:

There are many sources of help for troubled families.

Call our 24-hour hotline for information and referral.

(307) 684-2233



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