Johnson County Family Crisis Center
What is the Family Crisis Center?

The Family Crisis Center is a non-profit community agency which provides services to family members who are involved in Domestic Violence or to those who are victims of Sexual Assault. Services are also available to friends and family members to help them better understand the crisis their loves ones are experiencing.

The Family Crisis Center can help individuals explore possible options concerning their situation. It can provide emotional support and give information about options and other available resources in Johnson County, as well as throughout the State. All services are confidential.

Family Crisis Center services include:

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence, (battering) can assume many forms, from extreme verbal attacks (insults, name calling, blaming) to actual physical attacks (pushing, strangling, hitting, kicking). National surveys have shown that between 25% and 50% of the women in this county have or will experience violence at the hands of their intimate partner. Often the violence occurs in what is known as the battering cycle:

Phase One: Tension Building   
The batterer becomes more and more prone to react negatively to frustration. Little episodes of violence occur, but are minimized and rationalized by the couple. The woman may become nurturing and compliant or stay out of his way, whatever she thinks will prevent the violence from escalating. In order for her to maintain this role, she must not show anger.

Phase Two: Acute Battering   
This is generally the shortest phase. It is the uncontrollable discharge of the tensions built up in phase one. The batterer usually begins beating the woman "to teach her a lesson," but often severely injures her. The woman does not cause the batterer to emotionally or physically abuse her.

Phase Three: Calm, Loving Respite   
In this phase, the batterer behaves in a charming and loving manner. His worst fear is that she will leave him, so he does everything possible to make sure this doesnít happen. He usually says he loves her, promises the violence wonít occur again, and also says he will give up whatever it is they believe is causing the problem. (i.e. drinking, overwork, etc.) There is no distinct end to this phase, but before they know it, the phase one tension starts building again and the cycle begins anew.

Statistics show that once battering begins to occur in a relationship, it will steadily become more frequent and severe. An extremely high percentage of children involved in this type of situation will learn the very same behaviors they are witnessing.

If You Are Being Abused:

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